Yasporbi and EDF La Liga Academy is Getting Serious With Prevent Medication Foundation

The plan, YPAB can hold a workshop and coaching clinic for early time, May.

The war on narcotics and illegal drugs (drugs) in Indonesia continues to be inflated. One of the prevention efforts carried out through football, like that will be implemented Yayasan Penggerak Anak Bangsa (YPAB).

To carry out its mission, YPAB took EDF La Liga Academy Indonesia. The legitimate academy of La Liga was told to work together to help campaign from the start.

“Today the Indonesian nation is working on a remarkable movement, namely in the degradation of habits and drug problems,” said Sugiharto Parikesit, chairman of YPAB for Goal Indonesia. “It is like an iceberg, only visible on the surface.

“Obviously we should be able to give positive work to the children of the nation, so we are partnering with EDF La Liga to create a national movement, with the same theme,” he added.

Sugiharto explained, it targets this work for young teams because all the young players who will become the future of the nation or the Indonesian national team. Given, the target of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, want the Indonesian national team to qualify for the 2024 Olympics and 2034 World Cup. Watch the complete Indonesian Go-Jek Liga at https://judisakti.org.

“We will hold a workshop for soccer coaches and sports teachers on May 3. Then, on May 10, there will be a coaching clinic which will be followed by 300 participants with 10-14 years in Bekasi, on the Day of National Children, July 23, 2018, which we will be titled in Solo, where there will be summer camp and coaching clinic, “beber Sugiharto.

Furthermore, he also said that he would do regular work in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya and Solo. Because according to him, coaching periods must appear and directed.

“To document early, we plan to do urine tests for the children we are working on, so if the children have been exposed to drugs, we can provide the right handling like we do, and we have all stakeholders participate.” in this work, “he explained.

Find Seed Player, EDF La Liga Cooperation with Yasporbi

EDF La Liga Academy continues to spread the network in Indonesia. This time, by establishing cooperation with several schools, one of them is Yasporbi 1 Pancoran School, South Jakarta.

Classmeeting Executive Chairman Ghozi Abdul Rafi said the job was followed by 410 students. The main purpose of the job is to refreshing after a semester of study. In addition, as a container to train self-confidence and teamwork of students who compete.

In classmeeting, there are a number of activities performed. Namely, Seven Soccer, futsal, dance, sophisticated dance, until the fashion show that demonstrates the athlete’s clothing like bathing suits, muaythai, and others.

On yesterday’s chances, former Atletico Madrid player Rodrigo Fabri handed over a coaching clinic. Some of the lessons that were handed down included basic lessons such as dribbling, shooting, passing, and penalty kicks.

Meanwhile, EDF La Liga Academy Manager, Taufik Jursal Efendi, said that his side is currently working on roadshows to schools.

Meanwhile, the intent and purpose of seeking talent players from elementary school (SD). Because, he called the concept of building players at the age of 8-12 years. “Basicnya is there at that age,” he said when interviewed at the Field Soccer BI, Pancoran, South Jakarta, Monday (18/12).

Taufik said he is currently digging a player to get off at the Okky Splash Youth Soccer League championships held in Singapore in 2018. “If the previous event was merely to match SSB, tomorrow would be for school,” he said.

Well, mentioned about the formalities of cooperation with schools, Taufik states the most important of the good response from the school. “The second has the ease of the field,” he said.

Seedling players at the level of young age also said to have a mission to minimize the circulation of drugs that occur in Indonesia.
Because, based on data obtained from the Head of BNN Komjenpol Budi Waseso, drug infusion into Indonesia increased dramatically. From the previous 4 tons in 2017, now rose to 9 tons in 2018.

So, he continued, pemasalan players are one of them to help the government fight against drugs. “Drugs in Indonesia this status is no longer critical but war,” he said.