Soccer school in Indonesia from Expensive to Free

Parents are busy asking right-left about the good Soccer School (SSB) in the area of ​​residence, as has become interesting phenomenon in recent years. Want to choose what like?

Which parent does not want his son to be a, do not necessarily be the epitome of Lionel Messi, Evan Dimas Darmono. Still young but popular and can shake hands with any official.

Also Irfan Bachdim whose popularity skyrocketed first. Handsome and have a beautiful beautiful wife. Irfan is a football player. He’s an element of the senior squad.

All techniques are taken so that their children can be soccer players. Quarter three money, now which child does not want to be a football player.

School Soccer (SSB) anyway no longer difficult to obtain. There are mothers who once vent their children felt not slang because not a member of SSB. Though the cost of being a student in SSB is not cheap, besides in Jakarta.

Through facebook, SSB Arsenal fix the registration fee of Rp 1.5 million. That’s just the cost of registration, for the monthly fee is still there again. The amount starts from Rp 2.2 million to Rp 3.3 per week.

In SSB the fare is smaller. SSB Passer Lampung pegged the registration fee of Rp 300 thousand and monthly fee of Rp 30 thousand. More registration fee is pegged SSB Stork Makassar. SSB that sparked national players like Isnan Ali and Hamka Hamzah make the rules of registration Rp 600 thousand per head, with the cost per month Rp 75 thousand.

“All SSB self-help, so we do not want us to have to pay dues and registration fees,” said Sudarto, SSB coach Paser Lampung, in talks with detiksport in Jakarta, ahead of the 2014 AQUA Danone Nation Cup national finals.

Luckily the parents of all players in Passer realize that necessity. They did not hesitate to join a one-district inter-SSB tournament. For example when SSB Passer’s 11th year anniversary last year. Through consensus deliberations, parents are ready to fund a tournament tournament.

Moreover, registration fees and the hunting, according to information from Sudarto, will be returned to the students. Whether in the form of field rental, uniform lessons and drinking water during exercise.

Another story Laode Muhammad Febrian. During his two years as a student at SSB Putra Mumbul Nusa Dua, Bali he only need to pay Rp 3 thousand rupiah each time come the exercise. Recording money is not very expensive. “Only Rp 100 thousand pas registration” he said.

But apparently, the phrase where there is a free today, refuted in SSB Sandeq Polman, West Sulawesi. The students do not need to pay the arrival and registration fees.

“The exercise is a week-long three times, each Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and do not use pay,” said Adam Roy, coach of Sandeq.

Currently in Jakarta have gathered 16 selected teams from 32 provinces to fight in the national final AQUA DNC, which will be held at the Stadium Student Complex Soemantri Brodjonegoro, Jakarta, 7-8 June. The champion who represents Indonesia in the DNC world final in Brazil in October, and taught Jacksen F. Tiago.