Is This The Best Soccer School In Indonesia? Are We Getting Serious Now for Soccer

As a country that ‘mad football’, Indonesia has not a few football schools scattered across the archipelago. However, which one can we consider the best?

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The football school that stood since 1997 is one of the best SSBs that consistently spawned quality players. In fact, ASIOP is a manufacturer of players who become subscribers to the national teams. Names like Adam Alis, Andritany Ardhiyasa, Egy Melgiansyah and Achmad Jufriyanto are some players from ASIOP.

Based on the information we have sadur from their legitimate pages, ASIOP has a very seasoned and licensed coach instructor.

ASIOP Apacinti itself has achieved many achievements both domestically and internationally. Total from 2010, this academy has won not more than 30 titles. One of the unique attention was the title of Danone Nations Cup title in 2013 ago. In addition, they also successfully won the Gothia Cup 2016 ago, which helped create Egy Maulana Vikri skyrocket.

SSB who entrust Yeyen Tumena as Head Coach has two programs that can be selected by all learners. Among Regular Program and Hobby Program.

Regular program is devoted to those who want to seriously pursue a career as a footballer. This is called even as a program of achievement because there are levels of age ranging from U-8 to U-16. Meanwhile, the Hobby Program is for those who only want to flow the desire to play football. However, they too will find learning about the basic techniques of football.


In addition to Papua, Indonesia also has an area that regularly spawned talented soccer players. Of course the area in question is Tulehu.
It is not excessive, because it is not a few players with spectacular talent spectacularly derived from the eastern elements of this island of Maluku. And, among the SSB that embodies the seeds is PS Tulehu Putra.
It is Sani Tawainella, the founder of the SSB, who contributed greatly to scoring talented players from Tulehu. He was with his partner, Raffi, co-founder and coach at Tulehu Putra until in 2006 both decided to alienate the impact of internal clashes.

Hendra Adi Bayauw, Fandi Ahmad Lestaluhu, Alfin Tuassalamony and Rizky Ahmad Sanjaya Pellu are a few of the many names of Tulehu Putra’s guidance that are now practically successful at the national competition level


Although not a few football schools are scattered in the city of Surabya, but Mitra Surabaya can still maintain their reputation as a tidy player players in a sustainable manner. Yes, the SSB conducting the training in Lapangan Lidah Wetan is arguably among the best SSBs in Indonesia.

Participants of Surabaya Participants handed over mentoring and morality. So every player is required to behave both on and off the pitch. Not merely that, the academic side was dismissed well by the SSB who is chaired by the legend Persebaya Surabaya, Mursyid Effendi. All the matches of this university or school match can be watched and played in the trusted agen maxbet in Indonesia.

One name of Surabaya Partner dropout who is now playing at the national level is Evan Dimas.


It is no secret if Ragunan SKO is one of the best soccer seeding container in Indonesia. Who does not know Ismed Sofyan, Erol Fx Iba, Andritany Ardhiyasa, Kurnia Meiga and who are still fresh in memory, that is Egy Maulana Vikri, all of them are the result of the school’s sports school football.

In the school it is provided with complete ease with regular schools, like elementary, junior high and high school. This creates all prospective athletes find comparable portions and the equivalent of other children.

As quoted from the Coils, SKO Ragunan has a degradation system. That is, in other words, if a student’s sporting achievement feels declining, then he or she will be replaced by another student whose sporting achievements are shimmering but have not attended an exclusive sports school, or students who have trailed the selection but have not been selected.

To become an element of this sports school, all prospective students must pass through four selection stages. Among other things, administrative tests, medical tests and psychology, physical tests and skills tests in each sport.


As a football school supported directly by the city government of Makassar, MFS 2000 became a very flashy round leather educational place in the city. The best graduates of MFS 2000 that we can see today are Syamsul Chaerudin, Zulkifli Gratitude, Hamka Hamzah, Rashid Bakri and Rahmat Latief.

Is Diza Rashid Ali, a native woman of Makassar who devoted herself