Football School of Slutsk joins Volgograd Rotor

Starting on September 1, Leonid Slutsky’s children’s soccer school will be included in the FC Rotor sports school. The presence of the Children’s Academy is a requirement for performance in the national football league (FNL), which plays Volgograd team.

In the familiar December 2016 Volgograd coach Leonid Slutsky, head of the FC capital “CSKA” and Russia’s national team, began in the hometown of children’s soccer schools. Leonid Slutsky was helped by FC CSKA.

Now in Slutsky school there are eight trainers who teach the basics of football to more than 200 Volgograd children.

For one and a half years the existence of a successful young soccer school showed decent results. In April, according to the results of the Championship MOA zonal tournament “Black Earth” among young men who sprung up in 2008 Slutsky’s school ward confidently outperformed their colleagues from “Academy of Rotor-2”, “Olympia” and FC ” Volgograd-2 “, scored a total of 27 goals, with zero missed.

Thanks to extensive contacts in the world of football, Leonid Slutsky, held opportunities for students to participate in contests with familiar Russian and foreign team players.

In the beginning of the year, Leonid Slutsky, in a large interview with Sport Express, wrote that he was completely indifferent to his school by regional authorities.

So, the Volgograd Physical Culture Academy, contrary to the agreement, boosted the Slutsky-use arena school rent.

– Although initially agreed to the others, our training group was expanded to be experimental to train and methodical classes. In general, everything is normal. When an aesthetic project arises, one is all close, something is promised, and then they go sideways, Leonid Slutsky feeling confused. – For around this time both the chair of the sports committee in Volgograd district, as well as different people from such regional organizations have never, anywhere, indicated concern. He doesn’t even move a finger. This applies to everything. I didn’t even say about help with a field rental or a one-time promotion. Even basic moral support will not wait. For being called to the committee, they shook hands and said: “Thank you, Leonid, for doing this, because we don’t have opportunities like that.” Or, for example, they would send people to summer camps or give them incentives for 20 tickets for Rotor’s home matches …

For one and a half years, the school of Leonid Slutsky’s children was not noticed.

– It feels like they don’t look to us. And I am most sad that I – native Volgograd – just like I tried to do something for my hometown, but in response to silence. In words, everything is beautiful: the world championships will be held in the city, stadiums are being built, all affairs. Children, class, great! – said Slutsky. – In fact, someone fails, but someone doesn’t care. There are people whose zone of responsibility is the development of sports in the district. Sometimes I listen to how a place in a sports school helps a city, region, region, agen poker online terpercaya, local sports committee or ministry. And my academy doesn’t seem to exist, and from there this district has a number of problems. It’s still good that the stage of active confrontation is over. But even minimal support from our state structure does not wait. Not even tried!

In informal talks, the familiar trainer is encouraged to ask the local government for help.

– I once met with the local sports minister. In the plane. He said: “Why don’t you come to me?” Why do I have to come to you? I think you must come for me. On an open day, for example, we arrange it. Come and, well, I don’t know, I am happy that the school has opened in the region that 250 children are plunged into it, that parents are happy. After we are responsible for developing sports in the region – and thank you at least. And on the contrary you write that I have to come for you. So I don’t need anything, and I won’t come for you. In short, I faced the position of a classic bureaucracy. In general, without opportunities.


This summer, the attitude towards Slutsky schools in the administration of the region has changed. FC Rotoru requires its own sports school that fills the requirements of the FNL provisions.

– Now you are negotiating with the Slutsky school. He will enter our sports school, starting in the fall, “general director of the FC” Rotor “Andrey Rekecinsky said for – Conditions are still being negotiated, but they have reached agreement in principle.

As quoted own source at the club, familiar with the situation, “Rotor” will teach in the second team “Rotor-2” Slutsky school students.

– Thus, children’s schools will have direct lifts in big football. Young players will teach and approach the “Rotor” base, where they will have the opportunity to become professional athletes, “said the source.” Now the Slutsky school does not have such opportunities. “And” Rotor “will receive the school needed for him, and also will be strengthened by talented Volgograd children.

Leonid Slutsky has repeatedly admitted that he drained about nine million rubles each year in his school each year. Part of this fee will levy from September 1, FC “Rotor”, to be financed from regional estimates.

As coach of the Slutsky football school, Sergey Anuchin said for, only very senior students at the school would enter the “Rotor” structure.

– Now the children’s school is plunged into 200 children from 2005 to 2013 in the year of birth. “Rotor” wanted to revive the home of children’s football, like in boarding school more than 10 years ago, “said Sergey Anuchin. – Our people will prepare a demonstration for” Rotor-2 “. , they will be prepared for the transition to the main team, to the extent that in “Rotor” they play their own students.

Many talented young players from the Slutsky school now go for teams from other regions.

– People have gone to other clubs. “Rotor” promises the best estimate. About 60% of financing. All sports training is carried out according to federal standards, – said the coach. – Leonid Slutsky will not stay silent. Preparation for older age from 2002-2005 is planned to be funded from “Rotor”. Guys will pick up his own Olympic reserve campus. Your people will study there. Slutsky is responsible for early age training. As far as I know, there hasn’t been a conversation about giving us the Rotor training location.

Now students from Slutsky schools are plunged into the “Pishchevik” stadium in the Voroshilovsky Volgograd region. Until September one of Volgograd’s young players will pick up parts in three different tournaments, belonging to a confrontation with leading foreign teams.