Clark Roberts-Thomson

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uni oval 20140425Rd 3 v Goodie Saints H166 X2 uni oval 2 1940 AUFC Team

Constitution Proposal

The committee, led by Peter Sharley, has been doing a... Read More

Operations Manager

 The AUFC is looking to appoint a paid AUFC Operations Manager... Read More

  1. The Brady Bunch
  2. Sexy P!mp & His C-Men
  3. Jumbo & his Princes
  4. The Chardonnay Socialists
  5. Black Jack & The Showgirls
  6. The Bastards
  7. The Girl Guides
  8. The Scum

Season 2017 at the AUFC

To prospective new players...thanks for taking an interest in joining the world's greatest football club, The Blacks. You can find out many more about the club in our Recruitment Prospectus

The Blacks welcome all comers, whether it be in our 7th team, The Scum, one of our Women's teams or the A Grade who compete in Division 1 of the SAAFL. If you have any enquiries about getting involved at the club please contact football director Adrian Howard on 0418 809 031. For the women's team call Wayne Abrey on 0421 831 229.

Pre-season Training 2017

Pre-season training has officially re-commenced for the girls, and is being held on Monday and Thursday nights, meeting at 6:15pm for a 6:30pm start, at Park 10. Training is open to all who are keen,... Read More

Key Event Dates 2016

See below for the key event dates for the AUFC 2016 social calendar. Read More

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